5 Instagram Accounts Every Cannabis Enthusiast Should Follow

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Starting the @itsbluntgirl Instagram account, the rabbit hole of my feed has gotten infinitely better. As I endlessly scroll through my feed, I pass pictures of lush, green marijuana buds, beautiful handmade pipes and hilarious, side-splitting memes.

Stoner culture is known for sharing and spreading the love, which is why I wanted to share a list of weed-friendly Instagram accounts to liven up your sober feed.


I’m going to be honest.

Rolling joints and blunts is not my strongest skill. I get dry herb all over the place, my filter is loose or falls apart, and I can never lick the paper just right. But Edward Roller Hands is #goals when it comes to rolling. Posts are often progress shots and final products of creative joints — the Cookie Monster, Rick & Morty and a cat. Seeing their posts will spark a burst of creativity (or at least a long-winded, stoned conversation on art and the act of rolling.


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Rolling blunts burns calories ✨

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Merry Jane is the perfect cannabis culture feed that supplies you with memes, photography and popular products. Its well-rounded feed never leaves you bored — in fact, you’ll be typing it in your search bar more.

I particularly like Merry Jane because it shares a ton of other users’ content and artwork, allowing me to discover other cannabis accounts.


Honestly, I’m only on social media for the memes. In fact, many of my DM’s to people are just memes.

The Golden Herb is the perfect meme account for stoners and cannabis enthusiasts. They’re relatable, hilarious and give you a quick mood boost. Even non-stoners will appreciate this account.


I’m a journalist at heart, so if you love to consume your news stories on Instagram, follow High Times Magazine.

High Times has been the go-to news source for cannabis culture since 1974. If you’re looking up to keep with the latest MMJ legal battles or profiles of cannabis entrepreneurs, High Times is a great account to follow. You’ll be scoring high on current events quizzes in no time.


This account has been one of my favorite to follow.

Shop.Glassy is an account for weed accessories like cute bear-shaped bongs and pretty pipes. Two Boston-based women, Glori and Cassie, own the shop and lead the feminist, hilarious Shop.Glassy feed. They’re very engaging, often responding to comments and DM’s, and pushing out girl boss content that is set to boost your day.

And just for the hell of it, I think you should follow the It’s Blunt Girl Instagram, too. You won’t regret it.

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