The 5 Best Spots in Boston For Toking

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My apartment, at the time of this post, is flooding with boxes. All of my shit, scattered in a chaotic, yet organized, mess. For the last week, I’ve focused on packing my things up and getting ready for my cross-country move. (oh yeah… I’m moving to LA!)

All summer long (#RIPSummer2019), I’ve put together a Boston bucket list which gave me and my friends an excuse to get together, hang out, and do Boston-y things. One category has been enjoying a blunt/joint/pre-roll with the best Boston views.

Please note: Smoking marijuana in public places isn’t allowed in Massachusetts. So follow this at your own discretion.

1. Comm Ave Mall

As a Back Bay resident, I get to enjoy this gorgeous strip of grass on my walks home from work. Inspired by French boulevards, the tree-lined Commonwealth Avenue Mall is neighbor to Boston’s wealthy, brownstone-owning residents. The fall is gorgeous with all of the changing leaves and the winter features twinkling lights among the naked trees.

After a long day, I’d pull out my vape pen, pop-in my earbuds and listen to a good podcast. On some weekends, I’d park myself on a bench, smoke a joint and people watch or read.

2. Charles River Esplanade

I kick myself because I never took advantage of my close proximity to the Charles River Esplanade. Sure, I ran along the paths multiple times, and yes, I’ve enjoyed a nice stroll along the park. But, I never smoked there… until one night.

Sick of being indoors on a beautiful summer night, we wandered down to a hidden bench right by the water. It was dark, very few people were out and we had the best view of the Harvard Bridge. Surrounded by trees and bushes, you almost forget you’re in the city. The Esplanade gave the most peaceful high I’ve ever had in the city.

3. Arnold Arboretum

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of sparking up in the Arboretum. But, I’ve had many of my friends say it’s quite lovely. The Arboretum itself is massive, plus it’s beautiful in the spring when the lilies are blooming. Perfect if you want to feel like you’re truly in nature (or a gigantic, well-kept garden).

4. Rose Kennedy Greenway

Ah, the Greenway… such a perfect stretch of park that runs through downtown Boston. My favorite area, in particular, to light up is right by the North End. With different water fountains, benches and pretty trellis pergolas, you get the perfect view of planes taking off and landing at Boston Logan. Get to high, and you wonder how the F$%@ those planes get so close to buildings. So, beware of using strains that induce paranoia.

5. Marlborough Street

If I’m not walking along the Comm Ave Mall, you can usually find me walking along Marlborough Street. With gorgeous street lamps and picturesque brownstones lining both sides, make sure you don’t trip along the brick sidewalks. This street is very quiet to both traffic (most times) and people, as it’s a very affluent, family-friendly neighborhood connecting the Boston Public Garden to Kenmore Square. Yet, perfect for a swift stroll alone, occasionally hitting the one-hitter or vape. But again — and I repeat — don’t trip on the sidewalk.

Where’s your favorite spot to toke? Feel free to comment below.

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