7 Things To Watch While You’re Stoned

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Trust me when I say, I know stoned TV. I love anything colorful, funny, and either light enough so I don’t have to concentrate or so captivating that I’ll want to embark on a philosophical adventure.

I mean, really… what if we’re all just living in a video game?

1. Chill With Bob Ross


Recently at the It’s Blunt Girl launch party, I made sure to have Chill With Bob Ross playing in the background. WHY?

Between the beautiful paintings being messed up by random black splotches, which then present a beautiful snowy path, and the tender moments Bob shares with squirrels, baby deer, and a baby raccoon… Chill With Bob Ross will take you on a psychedelic journey that will make you wonder if your marijuana was laced with something.

Sure, all of my party guests made fun of me. And then within 15 minutes, they were glued to my couch, yelling at the tv.

2. Rick & Morty


I was late to the Rick & Morty train, but boy am I glad I finally caught up. The show offers clever, crude humor and wild adventures. We’re talking about a weird scientist alcoholic grandfather being a bad — or maybe good? — influence on his skittish grandson.

There are aliens, zombies, zombie aliens, you name it. If you’re looking to enter an alternate universe, Rick & Morty should be on your stoner TV list.

3. Bob’s Burgers


One of my classics.

It’s got clever, dry humor with a mom you *sometimes* want as your own. Plus, my personal spirit animal: Tina. A bit geeky and awkward, she’s a boy-crazed, equestrian wanna-be who ooo’s and ahh’s at every fresh set of buns (the gluteal kind).

4. Explained By Netflix


Looking for something a little more intellectual that gets the brain thinking? Explained by Netflix is a truly incredible, well-made docu-series that tries to answer life’s most puzzling questions and trending news topics. Each episode runs 15-20 minutes long, so you don’t get bored or spiral out into a depth of paranoia.

This series is great when you have company, because you’re able to have some more philosophical conversations about, well… anything.

5. High Maintenance


This HBO series is top-notch for fantastic character development and mesmerizing storytelling, plus it’s about our favorite topic — WEED.

The main character is a weed dealer, and this show centers around his customers, their stories, and how they sort of intertwine. It contains quirky humor and some drama that will have you tipping your cannabis hook-up a little extra. Interested in getting into the cannabis delivery business? Start with High Maintenance.

6. Tiny Kitchen

Caution: this Instagram feed will take up hours and cause the munchies.

This Instagram profile started off as a prank and has quickly gained a whopping 2 million followers. It’s all of your favorite dishes (and some household decor) but in the tiniest form. “WHERE ON EARTH DO THEY GET ALL OF THE TINY UTENSILS?!” you’ll ask your stoned brain. Plus it’s just so weird and cute at the same time.

7. Daria


Daria, which is available on Hulu, is a classic late-90s MTV sitcom that is (IMHO) an elevated Beavis and Butt-head series. It’s hilarious, sarcastic and oozing with teen angst. It’ll make you feel young again and throw you back to the early days when you’re first discovering weed.

What’s your favorite thing to watch while high? Comment below!

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