Welcome to It’s Blunt Girl, a lifestyle blog about cannabis

An artistic drawing of the woman behind the blog, Blunt Girl. She sits, cross-legged, wearing sunglasses as she lights a blunt.

It’s Blunt Girl is the result of several years’ worth of smoke sessions with friends, exchanging stories and dreaming up an online community for like-minded professionals (“good doobies,” as I like to call them) who prefer cannabis.

Think of this as a diary, passed between people from all walks of life, talking about their experiences with cannabis. It’s Blunt Girl is here to tell your stories, share your suggestions, keep it real and fun, and learn from you… all while keeping your identity a secret.

With more than a decade of experience in journalism, Blunt Girl prides herself on well-crafted storytelling, a tasteful use of expletives, and the giggles (you know which ones).

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Who is Blunt Girl?

Hiding behind a punny pseudonym, Blunt Girl is a down-to-earth, PR/marketing professional in her twenties. She has a knack for storytelling and writing, and has been passionate about the medical (and recreational) use of marijuana to assist with battle against an incurable autoimmune disease.

A Native American-inspired peace pipe with an arrowhead
Yona, the peace pipe

She relies on her authenticity, making her a trust source of information among her friends, colleagues and family. Based in Boston, Blunt Girl reaps the benefits of her MMJ card and legal recreational use. Still, much work needs to be done against the stigma of cannabis.

Fast Favorites

  • Strain: Dream Queen
  • Method: a pre-roll or my trusty peace pipe, Yona
  • Stoner Recipe (while stoned): Grilled PB&J or Domino’s
  • Stoner Recipe (before stoned): Pulled brisket tacos
  • Blunt Beats:Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac -and- Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix